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Contracts Law

Contracts Law

What sets George Margo & Co. LLP apart from many traditional contract law firms, is that we operate a hybrid legal services model, which combines an innovative consultancy based provision of legal services, with the more traditional legal services business model.

Many of our contract lawyers are consultant solicitors who work remotely from their own offices. This significantly reduces our overheads, and which in turn provides cost efficiencies which can be passed back to the client, in the form of cost effective fee rates. Our consultant contract solicitors use the latest IT technology, which means that work can be undertaken quickly and efficiently.

We do have offices, but most are low cost virtual serviced offices, which provide telephone answering and postal services. We have access to meeting rooms, but only pay for the rooms when we use them. This means that we do not incur the significant overheads of other more traditional law firms. This also means that we can pass the cost benefits back to the client.

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