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Probate Services

Our Probate Services

Has a loved one died? Would you like help in sorting out their affairs - avoiding the stress, at a low-cost, value for money, fixed price?
We provide a cost effective nationwide probate service, dealing with large estates or small, whether a will was made or not. If a loved one has died with assets of more than £5,000 then, if there is a will, the executors must apply for a Grant of Probate or, if there is no will, the next of kin must apply to the Courts for 'letters of administration'. If you're in doubt as to whether you need a Grant of Probate then simply call us without obligation.

Thereafter, the form filling, letter writing, phone calls and general sorting out of someone's estate can be quite stressful and very time consuming, especially if there's a property to sell.

Most solicitors and banks do not provide a fixed fee quote, often quoting a percentage of the estate varying between 1% and 5% plus an hourly charge plus VAT. Most will agree that banks and solicitors charge far too much for the work and it’s usually only when the final bill is received that the true extent of the cost emerges.

Because we also specialise in wills and probate, we are fully qualified and insured and can get the job done for you quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, ensuring that the main beneficiaries of the estate are the loved ones of the deceased rather than the solicitors or banks.

As part of our services we take care of:

  • Obtaining valuations of all the assets,
  • House security and clearance,
  • Liaison and overall co-ordination with estate agents,
  • Completing the Probate Registry and Revenue & Customs paperwork,
  • Attending the relevant Probate Registry and dealing with the oath and other formalities,
  • Calculation and payment of any inheritance tax or other outstanding taxes,
  • Payment of any outstanding debts,
  • Collecting in all assets of the estate,
  • Distribution of the estate to the beneficiaries,
  • Providing regular updates to the executors throughout,
  • Providing estate accounts to the beneficiaries.
Because we don’t require any money upfront, it is in our interests to complete the estate administration as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you would like a fully inclusive fixed fee quote for our probate services, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we shall be happy to help.